The update process has been completed.

We appreciate your cooperation. We are very pleased to have successfully completed the planned work without any problems, which is a significant step forward for us.

For those who have already set up the ADIL chain network in their wallets, please change the Chain ID setting to the following:

If you have already set up the ADIL Chain network, please follow the instructions below:

1. Launch MetaMask.
2. Open the settings page.
3. Select "Network".
4. Select "ADIL" from the list.
5. Change the Chain ID from 75 to 7576 in the settings.

Please change "Network Name: Adil Chain V2 Mainnet"(Setting the name is optional).

Save the changes.


If you do not complete the above settings, your token holdings and NEF will not be displayed, and you will not be able to send or receive tokens. Please be aware of this. Please note that you have not lost any tokens due to this update.

After setting the ID, set each Token manually.

MARE:  0xC592fc965Cc061618108fA6E095473EeE64cD43E
EMAS:  0xB02a3A7E29c97C001211b594aa3e93933C31ad52
ROY:  0xF014bFBf6785928d9531Ca460a6f75e79cc46A21
Horse NFT:  0xcb775d2E24eFE447379Fd6249870922A327dec41

We hope you look forward to the future development of the ADIL chain, and thank you for your continued support.


For example, if you connect to a service that adopts the ADIL network before making the above settings, the latest ADIL Chain network may be automatically registered in MetaMask. However, in that case, the old ADIL Chain network will still be present, so please delete the old ADIL Chain network from MetaMask on your own.